My music is for you to enjoy, use, and to help in your special ‘you’ time, for individuals and therapists of all forms alike. A unique experience of the light in music.

Over the years it has become clear that the music carries an energy of unlimited potential. As the light and the love flows, the music can create beautiful, moving moments, often with tears, sometimes releasing emotions, turning the key in your heart and reconnecting you to the real ‘you’ … the light.

What is music?

No one really knows. Melody, yes. Harmony, yes. And in certain circumstances music can be a vibration used to transmit an inexplicable energy that is beautiful, moving, transformational
… the light.

“It is said that the eyes are the doorways of the soul. Music can inspire and touch the soul”.

I hope you enjoy my music with the possibility to listen to music clips from all my CD’s on this site.

I also offer personal / soul music from the heart for you on request. A unique piece of music that is made just for you, or as a gift for a loved one. I ask my hands to play a piece of music carrying the vibration of your soul and heart … the real you. If this of interests, I look forward to hearing from you. { full details here }





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  1. Dear David Bailey I heared your lesson and music in Denmark some months ago. Your person and your music
    touched me in a way, so I was ready to leave all behind me at once and follow you. The very next two days my mood was so light and lovely. Thank you for the experience and stay well. All the best from Ragna Jakobsen

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